We all love a good fairy tale wedding but what if the wedding day doesn’t always end up being the fairy tale you deserve. Should you consider taking out wedding insurance?

What is wedding insurance?

Just like other insurance policies, wedding insurance covers you financially if something ruins your big day or if it has to be cancelled or delayed. It is particularly useful where you have paid a number of deposits and then realise your big day cannot go ahead.

What to consider before taking out wedding insurance?

  1. What is your wedding expenditure?

Where you have spent in the region of £100 – £30,000 using your credit card, thanks to Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, you should be able to claim your money back from your credit card provider. This applies to instances where a deposit has been paid.

If you have not used a credit card or spent above this amount, it maybe worth obtaining added protection by way of wedding insurance.

  1. Does your home insurance policy have provision for weddings?

Before taking out wedding insurance, check your home insurance policy, which may make provision for weddings.

  1. Are there any risk factors that could indicate the need for wedding insurance?

Weddings often get cancelled due to the death or hospitalisation of close relatives. Therefore, if you have any vulnerable relatives who could impact the progress of the wedding day if they fall ill, it may be a sensible idea to carry out a wedding insurance.

However, it is important to remember that you cannot cover a situation that you already knew about.

What is and isn’t covered in wedding insurance?

Insurance policies may differ in terms of what they do and don’t cover. However, typically they will cover:

  • Cancellation or rearrangement of a wedding or reception due to illness, accident or bereavement of a member of the main wedding party.
  • A supplier going out of business
  • Loss or damage due to accident, fire or theft to the ceremonial attire, wedding rings, outfits, gifts, flowers, wedding car and wedding stationary
  • The price to retake photographs and video
  • Legal expense
  • Personal liability

The following is usually not covered:

  • Any loss, damage, liability, cost or expense of any kind arising from an event occurring before the period of insurance or caused deliberately by your close relatives or a member of the wedding party.
  • Any loss, damage, liability, cost or expense due to wear and tear.
  • There are sometimes strict rules where theft has occurred, so you are advised to read the rules.
  • Honeymoons are not covered as standard but some providers may include these within your wedding insurance policy.

How much to cover?

You may find it useful to list all your expenses on a spreadsheet to work out the overall cost for your wedding day or reception. This will assist you when you choose the most appropriate wedding insurance cover.

How much does it cost?

Wedding insurance can range from £30.00 to more than £200?

For more information about wedding insurance contact: info@theweddinglawyer.co.uk



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