About Us

Our Motivation

We are passionate about ensuring couples and suppliers have a wedding to remember for all the right reasons rather than the wrong ones. Over the years, we have noticed an increasing trend in legal issues arising from the hosting and supplying of a wedding.

The UK wedding industry is worth approximately £10 billion with extremely limited regulation that has resulted in unfair and sometimes unjust practices creeping into the industry. We are committed to representing both couples and suppliers in ensuring fairness prevails within every fairy tale wedding.

  • Mr U and Miss K
    Overall positive experience. The Wedding Lawyer service was really quick to check a big contract and made sure that we were protected by changing some of the terms which were not in our favour
    Mr U and Miss K
  • Mr S and Miss S
    I was impressed at the attention to detail, speed and depth our lawyer went into when reviewing our contract. I am so glad we approached the team before signing the contract as we would definitely have missed some of the important bits and pieces which should have been included in the contract.
    Mr S and Miss S