Consumer to Supplier Template Letter Addressing Upcoming Issues Relating To Weddings in 2021


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A template letter which does the following:

  1. Explores the possibility of obtaining a refund or partial refund on funds paid to a supplier, whilst at the same time making clear that there is no cancellation.
  2. Seeks to understand clearly what costs have been incurred to date by a supplier with a request for a schedule (in Annex 1) to be completed to assist in understanding the costs incurred to date.
  3. Seeks to make it clear that no additional costs should be incurred by your supplier.
  4. Seeks to understand the financial position and liquidity of the supplier.
  5. Requests clear options regarding your 2021 wedding in light of the current Government Regulations and CMA Guidelines.
  6. Annex 1 to the letter is a schedule inviting the supplier to set out their costs incurred to date.
  7. Approx. length of letter – 1 – 1.5 pages.

Will be sent within 48 hours of the order.