Once in a while right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.

Along with graduations, becoming a parent and funerals, your wedding day is among one of the most important days of your life. The expenditure, preparation and excitement is often magnificently vast. The wedding day is a spectacular investment of emotion, time and most of all finances. It is important that everything goes as smoothly as possible to ensure the big day goes according to plan. Our five reasons as to why you should engage The Wedding Lawyer are as follows:


  1. To ensure you the consumer are as legally prepared for your wedding day as possible in a multi-billion pound industry which is virtually unregulated

The UK Wedding Industry is worth over £10 billion and is growing at an unprecedented rate. The irony is that despite the value of the industry, it is largely unregulated and the majority of your suppliers will require full payment in advance of delivering their services. This leaves what we call the “gap of chance”. This gap occurs from the moment a supplier is paid in full to the successful completion of the services. The saying goes that “Power is Money” and consequently once the consumer has made their final payment to a supplier prior to their big day, the supplier’s bargaining power outweighs that of the consumer. It is then left to chance that your suppliers deliver the services that you expected and contracted for. It is therefore, of great importance that you make the right decisions when choosing a supplier.

  1. Take the stress off your shoulders.

No one really likes thinking about what would happen if things do not go according to plan on your wedding day. There are multiple aspects involved when organising a wedding. Quite often, it is the legalities (i.e. the boring but important aspects) get forgotten about until unfortunately it is too late. Weddings are stressful enough without having to worry about being diligent and legally compliant. We therefore take this stress off your shoulder. Our team of lawyers, risk consultants and wedding planners can assist you to ensure that all the legalities, risk assessments and precautions are taken to ensure your big day runs as smoothly as possible.

  1. Resolve any disputes with your suppliers

Unfortunately, the wedding industry has seen an increase in disputes taking place between suppliers and consumers. Following a recent survey conducted by The Wedding Lawyer, a growing number of consumers are missing out on possible compensation or the full provision of services they have contracted for as they either feel unable to contest a substandard provision of services or do not feel they have the energy having just organised a wedding.

  1. Ensuring you obtain the full value from your wedding spend

With the average cost of a wedding being in the region of £25,000 (£45,000 for an Asian Wedding), consumers who are about to embark on their big day should be able to command the very best service given the amount of money spent in preparation for it. The Wedding Lawyer is committed in ensuring that all your agreements with your suppliers are maintained and if not, ensuring you obtain recompense to reflect your disappointment. Your expenditure deserves the very best service and The Wedding Lawyer is here to maximise the value you get from your suppliers.

  1. Complete you wedding celebrations on a positive note

Couples who find that they have entered a dispute with their suppliers sometimes feel that by raising disputes, they will turn a positive wedding experience into a negative one. Whilst, this maybe the case, we at The Wedding Lawyer take pride from taking over the negotiations and dispute resolution processes meaning you will not have to let disputes or misunderstandings dampen your mood.

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