Having completed a circuit of wedding exhibitions around the country, it was intriguing how many people were surprised to see a stall called ‘The Wedding Lawyer” among the flurry of stands advertising bridal dresses, flowers and food.

At a glance, many thought the role of The Wedding Lawyer was to assist couples with divorces and prenuptial agreements and queried why on earth such a stall was allowed to set up at an event designed to create happy wedding days.

Whilst we can provide guidance on divorces and prenuptial agreements, The Wedding Lawyer aims to inform couples before, during and after their wedding day to ensure they are as legally and practically prepared for their big day.  Our vision is to put “fair” into every “fairy tale” wedding.

The UK wedding industry is worth over £10 billion and the average cost of a wedding is around £20,000. With such costs associated with the wedding industry, it is surprising that the industry is largely unregulated. We care when we hear stories of couples entering high value contracts without understanding key terms of the contract or knowing their legal rights against their wedding suppliers.

Consequently, we are committed to equipping couples with as much information as possible as we believe there is a real lack of information and resource to put couples in the strongest possible position in preparation for one of the most important days of their life.

We have a real passion for the law and for weddings. Consequently, we hope to provide you with as much value as possible through blogs, podcasts, video content and webinars to assist you throughout your wedding preparations and beyond.


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